APERICENA – Not to remain with our arms folded


“To not remain with our arms folded,” the Youth for a United World (YUW) of Milan and surroundings tried to make the small town of Rho the heart of their work for others. How?? By organizing an “aperi-dinner.” It was a good opportunity to collect funds to help out their friends in Japan who were victims of the earthquake.  
This is what they shared:
“We needed a big hall with a kitchen on the side, parking spaces, all that was needed to hold the evening... obviously, one of the main hurdles was the cost to rent the hall! But providence came to our aid, and right away a priest, Fr. Mario, offered us the use of a large hall with a kitchen, parking, a sound system and everything necessary to set up the hall... all for free! 
For the menu, everyone was to contribute by bringing something. ... The evening before the event, we came to know that very few people had replied that they would bring a dish. What could we do? There were many guests coming and little to eat? Right away, we remembered not to worry; in fact, we again entrusted everything to God.  
Six of us got to the hall ahead of time to prepare it, and a short while later, we  were already in 20, and then many others came to give a hand and... with ready-made plates! ... Each one wished to share their talent to make it all a fruit of His presence among us: some took care of the kitchen, some of the music, others cleaned the restrooms. Everything was done to welcome the guests with great love. 
At 8pm, the evening began: the hall was crowded. 
… The aperi-dinner was not only to collect funds, but proved also a wonderful, simple and straightforward opportunity to share a great Ideal with our friends, like that which we live! 
There were many fruits: we collected more than 400 Euros to send to Japan, we saw many friends again, many others were made that evening, and in the hearts of each one was the awareness that we had placed a chip in the mosaic of a united world.” 

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