Hello to everyone from Slovakia!!!

First of all we greet you all! And we would like to thank you for all that you are doing!

We wanted to communicate some news of our little activities that we are doing here in Slovakia. We also feel that step by step we are getting closer to our Genfest!

Visiting the parishes
Divided into small groups we went to the parishes of Trebišov, Lipany and Kavečany to present the Genfest. At Trebišov they asked us also to present the life of Chiara Luce Badano. Through excerpts of the transmission of her beatification, songs and experiences read out by us, an atmosphere of deep recollection was created. No one moved in the church packed with about 100 confirmation candidates because they followed everything with much attention. After Holy Mass a girl came to buy the book on Chiara Luce. She only had 20 Euro and we didn’t have 15 Euro to give her as change, but she happily said: “Keep it.” (and over here 20 Euro is a lot of money!).
In the parish at Kavečany, after having presented the Genfest we discovered that the parish priest had already publicized it a lot! In those days this priest was also celebrating an important anniversary – 50 years of priesthood. For his celebration he didn’t want to receive presents, but he put a box where people could put the amount of money corresponding to a present. There was a note telling everyone that the money was destined to help the young people to go to the Genfest. In this way he collected about 340 Euro.
Also at Kurima a young girl presented the Genfest, looking for all the material on the internet. After her presentation some young people expressed their wish that they too wanted to go to Budapest!
In Bratislava we had a frisbee afternoon! Many young people came. We saw that this is also one of the ways to build bridges. 


We also have a Slovak website ) and also a video documentary for publicity, where among other things we have interviewed some participants of previous Genfests. The video was also shown on the National Slovak Catholic TV.
It’s a wonderful adventure also to find jobs where we can gain some money (cleaning, outside jobs…) for the Genfest, for the trips and lodging of the young people. It’s great because we also build relationships with the people who help us and also between those who work together, naturally besides… earning money for the Genfest.
All that we do is a fruit of solidarity also with people of other generations who want to help us.
We still have 12 weeks! We want to build many more bridges! 

Stefania on behalf of the Slovak youth