Start Up

Exactly at 14:30 infront of the Sports Arena, thousands of young people rushed through the gate as Start- Up began, where various countries showcased dances, performed songs and played sports to initiate the beginning of Genfest. Different countries of Eastern Europe such as Czech Republic, Serbia, Albania, Romania prepared an exposition not only to give a taste of their own culture, but to demonstrate initiatives for universal brotherhood. Each exposition left you desiring for more as you could try a dessert, have your name written in their language or ask questions about the country. At the centre of Start-Up, there were two stages where Genfest participants couldn’t help but join in for a dance with the performers. Seeing hundreds of people swinging their arms and moving their legs to Scottish music while learning to dance the traditional Kayleigh dance was a sight you couldn’t miss.
“The endless traveling was all worth it when I came to the Start-Up!” said Sean Gigannoh from Scotland.
Even the chanting of Brazilians while the Canadians waved their flags proudly made you feel the passion of those living for a universal brotherhood.