Varsavia: Announcement of the Genfest on the Radio


“Dear everyone, 
A joy-filled hello from all of us in Poland!! 
We lived the last few weeks in such cold weather that it reached -25° C: what an adventure! But in our hearts we always kept the flame of mutual love alive by taking advantage of the 10 steps towards unity!  
In these days, we also had the possibility of “proclaiming from the rooftops” the event of this year! We were invited by a radio station to hold a two-hour program dedicated to young people. We presented our story, that of the Focolare Movement, of Chiara Luce and, logically, the Genfest 2012! But that was not all! We held a question and answer session for almost an hour with people calling in during the program. 
Some young people called us asking how they could be in contact with us, how to register for the Genfest, how to be in touch with the Youth for a United World (YUW). A young Jewish youth called asking to take part in the Genfest too. Another girl called to say that her mother had just pointed out this program to her and that she was listening with great enthusiasm  – she too wants to remain in contact with us! 
For us, everything was a strong experience of mutual love that brings unity! Many of our friends really cheered us on and one of them wrote to us: ‘the program was wonderful!’ 
Yes! For us, this was the first opportunity to publicly announce the Genfest and to enflame the hearts of many youth! So we assure you that we are with you, count on us - we go ahead living for the Genfest together!!! 
From Poland,
Agnieszka, Robert, Ania, Ola, Magda, Ania, Gosia, Michał, Basia, Mateusz, Teresa, Max, Edyta, Frantisek”