Hi everyone!

We are the youth of Piedmont and Liguria and we would like to share with you our numerous initiatives in preparation for the Genfest. We feel really charged and we have promised to give all of ourselves to make Genfest, this very important event, known in all our territory.

A lot of ideas came up: from doing Crepe Nights with friends, to selling mattresses offered to us by a company and a partnership with an area or zone that is less fortunate than ours. Moreover, on April 12, we will be holding "Volley4world"- a mega day of 12 hours of voleyball; each participating team will contribute 100€ to finance the project for participation in the Genfest.

Through these small activities, we would want to commit ourselves, together with all of you, to bring to everyone the message that Genfest brings in itself, because this Ideal really can change lives!

See you all in Budapest!!!!!!!