The Youth for a United World of Belém (Brazil) write to us:

Carnival is a very well known party time all over Brazil. This year we tried to propose to our friends a new way to live these days so we organized a meeting where 286 young people were present from various cities. We did many fun things together: a gymkhana with different sporting events, a workshop on how to improve many aspects of society where we are; group meetings with lots of discussions and concrete ideas to be carried out.
There were also reflections and sharing of experiences on living the Word of God and its effects on society. We also tried to identify places in need in the Amazon region, in which we can intervene concretely. The young people present remained really enthusiastic and can't wait to be together with other young people like this at  Genfest. 
Some impressions after the meeting:
“It was an important moment for me to look over my life and values. It helped me to think about what I do and improve my life in order to contribute in a concrete way towards a more  united world” (Taiane – 22 years old)
“To have the courage to be radical in our life, so that other young people may be touched by this love that we have lived in these three days, just as we are now” (João Lima – 23 years old)
“It was rediscovering faith and growing in my relationship with God… (Luciano – 17 years old)
“I leave with the certainty that the united world can be built in each moment with many little actions” (Carolina – 18 years old)
“I understood that the dynamics of love can work in society. One act of love leads to many others” (Orlando – 19 years old)