The Kickoff of the year long Genfest at Mariapolis Piero, Kenya, April 29, 2012


Hi everyone,
On Sunday April 29, the Kickoff of the year long Genfest took place at Mariapolis Piero.
The theme of the Genfest, was welcomed by the youth with great enthusiasm; we were 60 of us.

Let’s bridge: building bridges of brotherhood from the foundations…
We had organized 3 forums in order to understand how we can BRIDGE with all in our various environments within the Kenyan context!

Our topics were: LET’S BRIGDE and intercultural relationships, LET’S BRIGDE and authentic friendship, LET’S BRIGDE and generational relationships.
The youth present were excited to talk openly about the challenges met in every day relationships but they left happy to have discovered that a united world is indeed possible!
“I believe that it is possible to build a relationship of trust among different cultures, I believe that a united world is possible, BECAUSE I have experienced it today”. (Vanessa)
“What a wonderful day! Thanks for making me part of the “Genfest’s work in progress”.
Today, I feel I am part of a wonderful project, something I have never experienced before….”  (Veronicah)
“I have learned how to understand and embrace all peoples no matter their race, culture, religion, age, profession” (Peter)

Work in progress: the next months will see other events and activities so as to build progressively the GENFEST together.

May: Bridging and Talent Show Event.
June: Let’s Bridge Concert
July:  Bridging and Intercultural Lunch