We are doing a lot to raise money for the Genfest! The carwash came first, where we raised $317.00. But most important is that it was a great experience of unity, and we feel the whole local community living it with us. In fact we had gen 2, gen 3, volunteers, focolarine and adherents helping – working together has really made the unity grow among us all!
It was also a very good opportunity to talk about our Ideal of a United World to people who came to wash their cars. We gave them all a copy of Living City and while they were waiting, some started reading it! A Jewish lady told us it was a nice idea, but impossible to realize. We told her that we try to live this dialogue not by discussions but by building relationships through personal contact. At the end she thanked us for what we are doing, and promised to tell her neighbors to come to wash their cars.
The owner of the Burger King who let us use the parking lot and gave us the water was amazed at how well we worked, and told us we could come back as many times as we wanted. At the end of the day everybody was tired, but very happy!
An adherent who had been a gen for many years sent us an email later to say that he would pledge $500 to help a gen go to the Genfest because as a youth the Genfest had changed his life and still makes difference in his daily actions. For us it was a great encouragement to go ahead in building together this Genfest.
Then we also did a yard sale, and like the carwash it was an incredible experience of “all for all.” We can see with gratitude how much the whole movement is living for the gen. We received many things to sell from our adherents, gen, volunteers and others. It was beautiful to see everybody helping out, from the youngest ones to the adults. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!!! Even if at the end of the day we were tired, our joy was big, not only because the result of our sales was $350, but especially because it was such an atmosphere of family. During lunch, which had been prepared with a lot of love by one of the volunteers, we planned the next activities to raise funds for the Genfest. We also programmed a retreat together for all the youth on April 28 feeling that the preparations for the red and the orange are important, but we also need time together to prepare our souls for the Genfest.
The Youth for a United World from Atlanta – USA