The preparations for Genfest 2012 have begun in Budapest, where young people of different nationalities are involved. 
Here is a little taste of one of these weekends, told by the youth of Hungary: 
It’s Saturday morning and it’s the first time we meet face to face with the other organizers (Hungarians, Slovaks, Austrians and Italians): the plan is to work on the  Saturday morning programme for the Genfest (September 1, 2012).
We introduce ourselves to get to know one another and then, with a quick exchange of ideas, we freely tell one another what we feel is most important for us youth including a spiritual preparation. 
In the afternoon we carried out a survey which involved walking 5km, under and over  bridges, to the centre of the city. In the midst of our work we were in awe of the beauty and  art the city has to offer. Luckily the weather was on our side and we were also able to organize a flash mob in truly favourable circumstances. 
Really exhausted but... enthusiastic, in the evening we went to a restaurant where we found what seemed to us a twenty star service! Afterwards we still had time for a wonderful walk along the Danube on the slopes of mount Gellért. 
We begun the next day with Mass and then divided into four groups to work on our ideas. At lunch time we all met together again, full of joy and gratitude: in an incredibly short period of time we were able to agree in an incredible way and henceforth produce lots of good proposals for the Genfest.
 (Móni, O.Rita, H.Rita, Cinzia, Dávid, Berci, Gábor, Ágoston)