News from Catanzaro (Italy)

“Dearest all,


We’re making ourselves heard to tell you something amazing... we are positively overwhelmed, because once more we feel protagonists in this great spectacle of God who sees and provides.


(...) In one parish, we have been asked to do an activity which we have called Operation Genfest 2012 – Let’s bridge. We were in three, all not so confident about the outcome, (...) but we took on this commitment and we went notwithstanding our disposition. Once there, we gradually started to change our mind about it. The parish priest did a wonderful presentation on Chiara Lubich and on the Focolare Movement, and then left us the microphone. It was amazing how many faces lit up at the word Genfest; and thus, ours did as well, watching them. At the Church exit, we placed our table, with a small box on top of it, oblivious to the fact that maybe a chest would have served to put in so much money. We went there ready for anything, just to give it a shot... strong unity amongst us, like never before. In the end, with only three Masses during the day, we’ve had contributions totaling 480 Euros, covering almost two whole airline tickets for Budapest.


This experience went way beyond our expectations, not only as a concrete result, but also as growth among ourselves and with God; it is for this reason that at the end of the day, we felt that we had to renew before Him the pact of reciprocal love... We must admit that we now have a new and greater confidence in the strength of unity and in His providence!”


Sonia, Adriana and Cesar