Manila, Philippines: We too work and live for the Genfest!


Last November we decided to dedicate to the Genfest an evening of songs and mini-performances. Originally the income was intended for the Genfest; since an urgent need for the local church came across, we donated everything for the National Youth Day. The "joy of giving" was great.
During the Christmas season, we were able to raise some money by singing Christmas carols in different houses. We prepared a short script, with the disclaimer that we are not professional singers, but it is only the love among us that pushed us to do so. 
The New Families gave us also a chance to earn, without any capital needed, by letting us have a fun run activity in their family day program. 
We were also invited by the women volunteers to speak about the Genfest during their congress. We said briefly why each of us chose to be a gen and why we want to attend the Genfest. Then and there, the volunteers did a communion of goods and after counting the amount they collected, the money is enough to send one delegate to Budapest.
 We have programmed other fundraising activities for the coming months, such as golf tournament, car raffle, valentine serenade, sponsorships, dance class, concerts and t-shirts selling. 
We are all enthusiastic to be part of the Genfest because besides being a venue for our spiritual formation,  it is also an event where we can exchange ideas and experiences, and an enormous opportunity to shout from the rooftops our call for a united world.