Hello to all from Budapest!


We are now in the final stages of the preparations for Genfest. Worldwide musicians, singers, dancers, presenters, technicians and those who will share experiences are gathering in this wonderful city for the last rehearsals. We arrived by train, bus and plane overcoming various difficulties, the group is growing every day: today, on the campus which hosts us, we are over 100 already in full swing.


The welcome of the Hungarian community who have been working for over a year on Genfest was exceptional: we felt like we were returning home after a long trip.


The pace of work is intense and it is also very hot, but the enthusiasm and overwhelming rhythm of the music helps us to keep going even when we are tired.


In the morning, after a delicious Hungarian breakfast, we listen to a meditation of Chiara which puts us in the right attitude for the day and reminds us what we are working for. Then at 8:30 we all leave together for the offices and campus of Genfest which opens at 9:15.  Later, we go for lunch and refreshments to the campus cafeteria and back to work again from 15:00 to 19:00, not counting overtime!


Dinner is also in the campus cafeteria. In the evening, for those who manage to finish their work, one can take a 15 minute metro ride and arrive in front of the breathtaking view of the illuminated buildings in the city center that are reflected on the Danube: a spectacular view!


Knowing that so many of you will join us and hearing the news from all over the world on how you are preparing is really helping us to go ahead and increases our desire to build this Genfest with commitment and passion to make it an unforgettable experience for all. Look forward to seeing you in Budapest and in the meantime….Let's Bridge! "