Ciao to everyone from Austria!!


We too are preparing for the Genfest and we are putting together our project following three points: 
let's bridge people (to build relationships) 
let's bridge countries (project ticket) 
let's bridge and make it visible (photo and video contest). 
In a number of cities throughout Austria, a number of projects and new ideas are coming to life. A special experience was that of the “social day” (a social project) on New Year’s in Vienna, with 160 participants, centered on the motto "let's bridge". We prepared a meal for the homeless, and went to visit some elderly, diversely-able  and blind people during the afternoon of 31 December. That evening, we met together to share our experiences. One of the participants said: “We met a group of older people who welcomed us with such joy. There I understood that although we had gone to give, in reality we were the ones who received.” 
At midnight, the New Year’s celebration began for all the young people with dancing and fireworks. And at 6:00 a.m. the next morning, we inaugurated the new  year together with a Mass.  
We can’t wait to go to Budapest! We have started to count down the days…..