Bingo for the Genfest.

On Saturday 28th July at Guayaquil we held a Bingo Night to raise funds for the Genfest. It was a new and enriching experience. We starting planning this activity in May and had a few meetings to organise every detail and, in particular, we asked advice from the adults of the community of the Focolare Movement who have had more experience in running this type of activity. We were faced with many difficulties that we tried to overcome with love and in the end the Bingo night went very well.
We experienced the unity among everyone and lived out our responsibilities to the maximum, because each one took on a specific task, and therefore we knew that if one fell, everyone would fall. Just before the Bingo began we got together to pray that we would fulfil the will of God and that everything we did would be out of love for the others; and so this would build bridges also from here, starting with us.
It was the first time that any of us had prepared an activity such as this, and it helped us to recognise Jesus in the difficulties, misunderstandings, lateness, uncertainties, etc...
We are all very satisfied with the outcome of the Bingo, but above all we are happy because we live the Genfest, building bridges from here in our reality, with our limits and with the help of everyone of the Movement in our city.

Johanna and Josue