Another coin offered to God for the Genfest

An absurd death, a searing pain, but at the same time a challenge to make sure that this becomes a spark capable of burning the world with love.

“Last March 15, in His mysterious designs, God has taken my brother, a victim of robbery, to Himself. It was a tragic death, one that has shocked the whole country and destroyed my family, (...) at the same time, with the certainty in hope for resurrection.” John Arvelo (a Youth for a United World of San Rafael de Mojan, Maracaibo, Venezuela who with us is preparing to participate in the Genfest) writes us.

The news arrived like lightning in a clear blue sky. Along with the pain, we have felt a stronger urgency to live and, with our lives, respond to the need for brotherhood that this society has. With the other young people, we have tried to stay close to John and his family. Emmaus, as soon as she heard the news, wrote John: “I asked a special grace for you and your family so that in this moment of great suffering –which reminds us of Jesus in his Abandonment– you may experience the closeness of all of us in the Movement”.

In fact, we feel that we have built a fragment of fraternity staying together with the family of John, which has thanked us for the continued closeness. After this experience, we feel that the unity among us is even stronger.

“Now –John writes us– what remains for you and me is the responsibility to make this violent world a more humane one, built on love and brotherhood, loving until the end. Help me in this difficult mission so that the death of my brother will not be useless, but a spark that will never shut off and shall burn the world with love”.

The Youth for a United World of Venezuela

From left to right: John, his mother, his slain brother Willkendferth, his younger sister named Mary, like their mother.