A Marathon for Genfest!

I am Donata Ling from Canada. I would like to share with you an idea I had in mind to raise funds for the Genfest. I’ve been training for more than 3 months- countless hours of running, with perseverance to reach my goal: a 42 kilometer marathon.

By now I cannot turn back. It all started when my friend asked me to do a marathon and I thought he was crazy. 42 kilometers is impossible! I thought the maximum would be 10 kilometers. Of course I could not do it if my motivation was to think of only myself. But the reason to do this marathon is to raise funds for the others. So yes, it is possible!
I would like to do this marathon with the young people all over the world who believe in building a better world where it is not only ME, but US. A world where brotherhood and a united world can be witnessed.
The change must begin within us. Many times, we want to help change the world; however, we don’t need to aim only outwards, but also towards ourselves.

When I asked my family, friends, colleagues, even my doctor for donations, I shared with them the reason in which I am doing this marathon. And so they understood; even my doctor supported me in this cause! We have already collected more than 2000 euros.


This is my experience. I never thought of doing this but I know it is worth a shot... and I do believe in it! The run will be on May 6 in Toronto and I will be doing it with a friend who shares the same ideal. We think of you and we count on the unity of the youth around the world!
You can also follow me through my blog: http://dling-3.blogspot.com!